The color of purple, golden and silver, is really like the moonlight on the water,

This direct color contrast is not sudden, but very elegant.

I originally thought that this plate might be a bit resplendent,

But actually it is very elegant and gentle;

The color rendering well is not very high,

And each color contains sequins , which make the color transparent and clean.

The silvery white and purple of this plate are relatively light and transparent, creating a feeling of halo,

Each plate has its own characteristics, this plate is probably atomized ~

The gold is brilliant, and it can be very beautiful when superimposed on purple

It should be noted, however, that this plate could be a little bit of challenging in regard of the eye base.

When my eyelids are very dry, the purple color can not be easily applied, so I used a translucent complexion eyeshadow to lay the base.

And this color mix of purple gold and silver requires high clarity of the eyelids and the overall skin

The color purple is inherently more picky because it is very present.

It is recommended to use it on a clean canvas.

1- Polish the Purple from the end of the eyes to the center of the eyelids

2- Apply the Gold from the start of eyes and goes on till purple

3- Silver dots in the center of the eyelids

4- Use the Brown color to strengthen the eyeliner in the end of the eye.

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