let’s talk about mama because I think of her as the skincare queen. I remember when I first started high school I really wanted to wear makeup because all the girls in my class were wearing makeup mom would not let me instead she instilled the eight secrets that I’m gonna share with you guys. I truly believe the reason why my skinis healthy and is still glowing at the age that I am now is because my mom didn’t let me wear makeup early on in high school , she did let me around grades 10 and 11 which I was really happy about, but she was really adamant on skincare

so you’re probably wondering what these skincare tips are and I’m going to show you guys  let’s go.I remember waking up every morning and my mom would always tell me to drink warm water she always said drinking warm water is better for the body and helps with digestion, so I just stuck with that, sometimes if I want to get a little fancy , I’ll add a slice of lemon to give it a refreshing flavor growing up we never had fancy skin care creams or gadgets,  my mom would always say to me at least once a week though go steam your face for two minutes and then get back to your homework and so I did a great tip for this is to add your favorite essential oil to help make it more relaxing,  here I’m using lavender oil which is perfect to do before bedtime,  before going to bed every night my mom would always call from the kitchen , she’s always in there busy cooking cleaning doing household stuff but she would always say did you wash your face, yet make sure you do it before you go to bed and use that brush I gave you,  what did I tell you she was strict on skincare,  hands are great but a brush will help you get that deep deep clean and you guys know the drill soft circular motions rinse with warm water , one of the most ancient Asian skin care secrets is using rice water to rinse your face with, to this day whenever I make rice for dinner I keep the rice water to rinse my face, rice water was used to help grow strong hair and make skin more youthful looking, it’s natural and all you need is a bit of rice and cold water, now rinsing your face with rice water is great but to have it in a mask is even better so when I got my hands on the body shop Chinese ginseng and rice clarifying polishing mask I couldn’t wait to use it, I’m going to apply this all over the face and this mask is that it’s 100% vegetarian made with natural ingredients and has no parabens silicones or mineral oils which is a

huge bonus for me, it comes in a perfect little travel jar so I can take it anywhere so especially when I’m away for work , this is a super quick fix for brightening my skin. I’m going to let this sit for 10 minutes and then I’m going to grab a warm towel place it over my face and give it a little extra steam and remove gently I can already feel that my skin is so much softer and brighter it also leaves a very refreshing tingly feeling so I know it’s working. another thing that I love about

this mask is that it’s really easy to take off so if you don’t like messes this is the mask for you. now moving right along growing up as a kid I loved to going through my mom’s video products. I mean who doesn’t right I remember her always using a cotton ball and putting some sort of liquid on

it and rubbed it all over her face she said you need to use toner to soften your skin and make a look brighter so that’s what I do, moving right along this tip is probably one of the most important tips my mom ever taught me and you guys already know this, I remember looking super pale when I got to school because she would always lather me up in so much sunscreen every time I left the house but I have to say I am forever grateful for that because sun-damaged is one of the worst things for your skin so always use sunscreen every single day even when you don’t see the Sun I always remember people telling me I had an overly expressive face my mom would always tell me relax your face, no frowning because it causes wrinkles

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