Everyone knows that moisturizing is very important in skin care, and there are many moisturizing product on market. In terms of moisture, the moisture in the epidermis is about 10% to 35%, and the water content in the inner layer is more than 80%. Therefore, the moisturizing is not only the foundation but also the cornerstone for life and skin care.

It is precisely because of the importance of moisturizing, every skin care brand has a product line called basic moisturizing. In order to hit the market, Many brands in the early stage would simply start from moisturizing. While the quality of products varies a lot. We need to know some standards to value the products.

First, How much water can the skin inject is not on you. The skin itself determine the ability to inject water

The moisture content of the healthy skin is fixed. This is determined by the inherent physiological It is like a water bottle. We can pour water into it, but we can’t change a bigger water bottle . In addition, the bottle needs a good lid, otherwise the rate of loss will be much higher than the speed you add. A good moisturizer is sometimes more needed than a hydrating product.

Second, you can not add stuff to do hydration

If your skin feel dry, you can not only add a bottle of essence or add a lotion. If you feel dry, you may want to apply the mask every day. Even the best skin will be harmed in this way . The burden on the skin will increase, and there is always a risk of acne closure. Serious skin hydration, stratum corneum disorder, skin immunity and repair power are reduced, and skin quality is reversed. You need to know that 90% of the responsibility for moisturizing is on the stratum corneum.

Third, the supplemental water should be right.

Plant flower water, mineral water, laboratory bionic water, water itself are all fine, the key is what kind of water the skin prefers, prefers to what extent, whether it can reach the skin layer it should reach. That is how we value a product. A more skin-friendly product will allow the skin to better digest the active ingredients in the product, so that it can be absorbed quickly and works quickly.

Fourth, the environment do influence a lot

The surrounding temperature and humidity determine the different moisturizing appeals of the skin. You can not determine the appeals just based on the four seasons. In modern days, the great invention of air conditioners will influence your skin without being noticed. Temperature and humidity are changed in different extreme environments, and the skin’s moisture requirements are different.

The ultimate moisturizing is to achieve all the above requirements, a products that meet the moisture requirements of all skin, safe and effective,perform well in extreme environments and get the ideal skin hydration.

In all products I have tried, KIEHL’S ultra facial cream is one of the products that meet the requirement. Since its birth in 1970, the product defends the face of hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, men, women and children, young and old. Nowadays, this legendary product welcomes the first formula update, and the moisturizing power in the daily environment can be instantly increased by 1.7 times. This value is quite amazing, and the sensitive components are removed. Moisturizing upgrades, moderate doubling, and now there is another reason to fall in love with it.

Researchers extracted the Alternaria alternata found in the mud at the bottom of the glacier near the Antarctic coast, and subsequently separated the glacial protective protein component as one of the core components of the cream, effectively locking the water and enduring extreme cold. surroundings. It is also because of this active ingredient that KIEHL’S high moisturizing cream can provide skin protection for the “Mount Everest 88” climbers in extreme weather in 1988. At the same time, the classic ingredient of the product, olive extract squalane, strengthens the skin’s moisturizing barrier.

Initially, squalane was hydrogenated from the shark’s liver, but every 3,000 sharks produced 1 ton of squalane, far from meeting human needs. In addition, the large-scale killing of sharks has greatly damaged the natural ecosystem of the ocean. Under the constant protest of animal protection organizations in various countries, the EU has banned the use of squalane as a raw material for cosmetics. The squalane used in the high moisturizing cream is a plant lipid extracted from olive fruit. Its structure is similar to that of squalene and similar to skin oil, so it is excellent in both skin-friendly and absorbable effects.

In addition to the component upgrade, the product also removes preservatives such as parabens that are used in most cosmetics on the market. Don’t think that the brand just removes these ingredients and everything is fine. If you remove the original ingredients, it means To recalculate and balance the formula to achieve the same or even better moisturizing effect as before, the amount of work behind it is very large, and the formula upgrade is not just a simple sentence.

The effect is upgraded, the ingredients are safer, the sensitive skin can use it with confidence, and the moisturizing ability is more durable. My personal experience is that the texture is indeed much lighter than the old version, but the moisturizing effect is also better. The smooth experience of smearing is very enjoyable. In the morning, I go out shopping and paint a layer. I still feel good when I go home at night. The lasting moisturizing helps you stay in the office for more than eight hours.

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