Oh my god no dear so guys I share the same exact pain and emotion as you do. why do we have to go through life having to experience pimples and acne and pretty much anything that we didn’t invite on our faces , so I have group together a list of home remedies and a list of things that I have done to get rid of pimples and acne like overnight,like seriously,overnight. Remember that everybody has different skin types, some methods may work and some don’t, but hopefully you find something that works for you. so pimp or removing hack number one is to use ice, I know It is super easy it’s one of my favorite pimple hacks, so basically just going to take a couple cubes of ice and you’re gonna wrap that into a ot-shirt or tank whatever you have will be perfect and what ice does, actually it improves the blood circulation of the area, and ultimately it helps tighten your skin pores while removing the dirt and oil accumulated on the skin, and the next method you can use is actually crushed aspirin, I know this is kind of weird but it actually works. Take a square you have and just crush it up,  add a little bit of water to make it a little pasty you’re going to paste on your face, so basically aspirin is just a anti-inflammatory so what that means is that it helps the pimple become less visible and ultimately removing it, so this method is super super easy again and all will do is open up your pores and allow your skin to breathe which gets rid of all those oils and dirt and gases. And the next method you can use is sea salt and olive oil so what you’re going to do is take some sea salt and put about two tablespoons of olive oil and what these two ingredients act as is a diet basically, they kill the bacteria and they dry off the pimples so bye-bye pimple. last but not least, you can use toothpaste now it’s pretty easy, what you are going to do is take some toothpaste and put it on your pimple, now toothpaste contain silica which is another drying agent , you know they actually have that in beef jerky fun bag, so you can use toothpaste overnight,  you can just set a timer and just wipe it off with a warm towel but if you do choose to sleep with it overnight,  it’s perfectly fine you’re just gonna sleep

like normal and when you wake up in the morning yep your pimple is going to be gone,so I hope you guys enjoyed all of those acne pimple treatments away .  

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