I would like to share with you guys some tips that I have learned on how I keep my skin so clear

so the first tip that I have is to never wash your face with your hands throughout the day, your hands get super dirty, they accumulate a lot of bacteria that isn’t good to put on your face,  I really avoid touching my face, when I find I have been touching my face a lot and that’s when I tend to get breakouts, so I have recently been using this brush, it is super super nice, it literally exploit so well and it really gets deep into your pores, I ‘ve been using this brush I really do feel a

deeper clean I make sure to clean all around my face my neck area behind my ears and this brush really helps you tackle your whole entire face but if you don’t have a an actual brush, make sure

that you’re washing your hands before you do wash your face if you’re washing them with your hands,  make sure to clean all in between your fingers underneath your nails and make sure that you get the scrubby bubbles to make sure that you’re actually getting all the bacteria off of your hands so the tip here is to avoid touching your face at all times. make sure that if you do touch your face make sure that you have washed your. the second tip that I have is water, the more hydrated your skin will be and the more hydrated that your skin will actually appear,  a tip that I also have is to have quality water alkaline water,  I actually recently just purchased this pH level tester,  a lot of people have been testing the pH level in their water whether that’s this hot water bottled water it’s really amazing to see the alkaline level of the water that you’ve been drinking so make sure that you are drinking a ton of water and make sure that it’s good quality water so the third tip that I have is to eat healthy, a lot of the times people who don’t healthy you can definitely tell by their skin you want to make sure that you’re eating whole based foods you want to make sure that you’re avoiding sugar and avoiding dairy, when I avoid these foods I

definitely see an improvement in my skin, if I do have dairy or if I do have a lot of sugar one day again I do notice it in my skin I tend to break out more sometimes I have realized have done

tremendous wonders for my skin with pieces like chia seeds , really dark green vegetables berries like strawberries and blueberries and raspberries really really high in antioxidants helps improve your skin acai is a really good bearing if you’re having skin issues another thing that you want to do is make sure that you’re getting good fatty essentials , you want to make sure that you’re getting the good fat from your foods such as avocados coconut oil so make sure that you’re eating really healthy foods so the fourth tip that I have is to not pop or pick at your skin, if you have a pimple some people find pleasure or they just want to remove the pimple and they think that popping it or putting toothpaste on it or doing some crazy weird experiment with that pimple is going to make it go away and that’s not the case,  when you pop pimples but you pick or you play with the pimples that are on your face, you actually tend to have scarring and for me in general I tend to have more acne if I mess or play with my skin,  I’ve learned this at a really young age I have friends that used to you know play or pick up their skin and in turn they would receive more acne just because when they pop it the pus and bacteria that was inside the pimple gets all of your skin and in turn creates more issues with your skin so just make sure that if you are having skin itches just don’t touch it wait it to be patient and I know it could be a little bit annoying at times but just trust me don’t touch it it’s worth it to wait it out and then have it be gone for a really long time rather than getting more in the process so the fifth tip that I have is to make sure that you’re choosing natural products you want to make, sure that you’re able to understand and read the labels of the products that you’re using make sure that using quality products, you don’t want to be buying things that have lots of chemicals in it I actually bought a

cheaper quality product that I didn’t know any of the ingredients to and I actually just bought the face wash because I liked the look of it, in turn I washed my face and I was breaking down all over my neck and it was making my skin super dry,  so make sure that you’re finding quality products, do your research before you buy products,  look at the ratings and reviews and that should definitely help and the, last tip that I have is to make sure that you’re having a good quality sleep, sleep is super important when they say beauty sleep that actually is a real thing,  when you sleep and you get eight hours of quality sleep every night , there are Beauty benefits such as improving your skin,  you also want to make sure that when you’re sleeping you are washing your sheets every week or so if you’re sleeping on it constantly and you don’t want to show sheets that bacteria is going to grow in your pillow or wherever, you’re putting your face and, your face produce a lot of acne.

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