Armani red tube lip glaze has always been my love, whether it is color palette or velvet matte texture. When the red tube first came out, it stunning the entire makeup circle, and now it is sweeping the circle again! With Cedar – brown 206, a wind of elegant texture is blowing!A hydrating matte liquid lipstick that delivers intense, velvety color with a rich and creamy texture, for lips that feel as luxurious as they look.
The entire series is very suitable for autumn and winter, elegant, charming but also very sexy. I like #206 Cedar – brown the best. The element of red in the brown tone is absolutely amazing. It is like a gentle cream chestnut in autumn and winter. It can be easily wore no matter what skin color tone you are, making your skin glowing.
415 is also a very nice and warmer color. The warm red color blends with a bit of brown, which reminds people of the ripe hawthorn. The you applied it very thin, the color can be very gentle, and if you apply it thickly, it can also be very powerful.
In addition, 522 is also a partial beige color that I like very much, elegant like a sweater in early autumn, tender and warm ~
Finally, in addition to the thick application, using your fingers to lightly smudge the makeup around the lips, it looks more softer and more natural. Also, pressing off a layer with a paper will make the color mixed in your skin!

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